Murhpy Bed, Wall bed, and Hideabed Wood Furniture

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Queen size murphy bed with 33 inch book cases.

You’re looking for a bed murphy style, wall bed, or hideabed, I hope you’ll enjoy this short read and find the information helpful.

After doing some research I found all beds aren’t created equal.

You already know a wall bed will transform your life….giving you tons more space, and a bed only when you need it.

The same beautiful wall bed closed.

Just like you I needed more space in my small home office… the trundle bed I had wasn’t working out as I had hoped.

It just took up more space than I wanted it to. It also tended to collect all kinds of files and papers on it and when company came to visit it was a pain to clear and organize.  You know the drill. My embarrassing office picture at the bottom of this page

My wife knew about and wanted a Murphy bed (I knew them as wall beds), so she and I started looking around.

We wanted something that would last, look good, and wouldn’t break down.

Even the drawers are finished to perfection.

But which company? There were so many companies… and I wanted to make sure that what I bought was going to last. Trust me melamine doesn’t last.

I found this guy named John in the middle of Ohio (Amish country), producing the finest hardwood wall beds with a quality and workmanship few could match.

I tell you the finish on my murphy bed was like touching silk.

We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our Murphy
Bed.  The craftsmanship is excellent and the quality exceeded our
expectations.  Everything is exactly as we wanted, from the color of
the stain to the amount of storage.  It is nice to finally have an
extra bed for company without having to create a whole new bedroom.
Thank you again for the time and effort you put into this bed for us.

Daniel & Stephanie Skeens

Using solid maple, oak, and cherry woods (these are very hard woods), he beautifully hand crafts each gorgeous piece.  There’s not melamine in this man’s shop.

Wardrobe door for storing your guests cloths.

His passion for building fine furniture can be seen and felt in every piece he makes.

Owning something built by him is like owning a work of art.

Your family and friends smiles will forever be etched into your mind as you take your bed down with effortless ease out of what seems to be nowhere.

You see wall beds or Murphy beds really are kind of fun to own.

“We love our new oak queen size murphy bed!  The quality and craftsmanship are superior, and it was a pleasure doing business with John.  I would highly recommend him to anyone that appreciates fine furniture”

Mike and Kathy Overbey

Horizontal wall bed with bookcases.

Your wall bed will be custom built just for you….

You get to choose….

  • The type of wood…. Maple, Cherry, or Oak?

    Maple is recommended because it resists fading better than the others.

  • Full size horizontal Murpny bed open.

  • The color of stain ….. 32 stains to choose from.
  • Horizontal cabinet?
  • Or a Vertical cabinet?
  • Would you like drawers and ordoors?
  • What size bed frame do you want?
    • Full
    • Twin
    • Queen
  • You can even order accessories to match your bed.

    All of your choices make your Murhpy bed all about you and what you want.

    I chose the Library bed for my office… I needed a place for my books… and the doors on the bottom make it easy to store office supplies out of site.

    wall murphy bed wood library style.

    Can you believe there is a hide a bed behind the middle shelves?

    The middle shelves slide to the left and right and the bed comes down out of the middle…. Is that cool or what?

    You’re going to love your Murphy bed…. I just know it.

    Once you order your wall bed the cabinets are built, doors are constructed and planed….

    …it receives a coat of stain which is allowed to dry….

    ……then your first clear coat is applied.

    Once that first clear coat is dry the whole thing is sanded …

    … it receives another coat of paint that’s allowed to dry….

    …then the last sanding and a final coat or finish coat, giving you that silky smooth feel.

    The clear finish used is very expensive…containing more solids than any factory finish you would ever get.

    This insures that your wall beds wood will stay looking great for as long as you own it.

    Your wall bed will have the old school springs instead of the gas piston type to lift the bed back up. Why you ask…

    … because springs  last and you never really see them.

    After doing some research I found out that the newer type Murphy beds with the so called “state of the art piston lift mechanisms” weren’t as good.

    No piston Mechanisms because they wear out.

    It seems the piston seals wear out after a couple of years, or if they get heavy usage they tend to wear out faster.  They also show a little when the bed is down.

    By using old school dependable equipment each bed comes with a 10 year warranty for the mechanisms. You can’t beat that.

    Once your Murphy bed is finished, it is fully assembled to insure it is all working correctly and that all pieces fit perfectly together.

    Then your wall bed is disassembled, boxed (very carefully), and shipped to you.

    Did I forget to mention Free Shipping.

    As you can tell your Murphy bed will last and last. It will give you great comfort, style, and grace.

    Now comes the best part…choosing the style and look of your Murphy bed.

    Of course it comes down to which bed you want…

    Here are some examples of some beds and customer comments  that say it all.

Helblings Cabinet bed closed.

The murphy bed is being used daily right now, as our son is home from college.  We are so pleased with how easily it functions, the quality, and overall appearance. It is prefect for our needs.

Pam Helbling

Helbling's cabinet bed open

Helbling's cabinet bed open

Great Library Bed, Transaction,Qualty,Solid, Beautiful, Amazing. Can’t say enough!

Patrick McClain

BEAUTIFUL BED! Great communication and all-wood construction. Thanks Johnny

Doug Austin


Mr. Heisman

Queen size murphy bed in the wall.

The Overbey's bed quoted earlier in this page.

Overbey's bed open

The Overbey's bed open.

Good communication, great service, nice people, thank you.


Images of room before and after Murphy bed

The actual change in room appearance.

“What can I tell you. John creates these beautiful works of art.

The quality is unmatched by any other manufacturer I have found.

The whole wall bed has screws carefully counter sunk to hold it together, instead of nails which can give way.

The unseen surfaces of the whole unit are all finished just like the rest of the bed.

It is so easy to work with my seven year old daughter can lift the bed back into position.

If you want a high quality Murphy bed that will last and last, you want to buy from John.

Keith Cox
Website creater


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